Posted on: 1st March 2018

I don’t know about you – maybe you can relate to this?

As a business coach and entrepreneur I have always been thinking black and white, in processes, instructions.

What I realised is that I had completely ignored my own being in the process as I have been struggling, swimming uphill to make things happen in my life.

I realised that my foundations weren’t aligned with the things that I was trying to achieve in my business.

namely myself in terms of stepping into my true power, gaining the confidence I needed to step up a level and out of my shadows.

On the other hand I had blockages when it came to me receiving money. I had subconsciously not been letting money come into my life.

I had some bad experiences with money, people owing me money, other people viewing money as a bad thing or not believing that I could make the amount of money that I wanted in my business.

Recently I was working with 2 fellow coaches Rhian Kivits and Gull Khan and I started to understand the correlation between my business, my relationships, my family, myself and how the money flows into my life.

Rhian and Gull have helped me to clear these blocks from the past which has helped me overcome some old events that have been niggling in my mind and that has opened up a whole new perspective when it comes to possibilities.

Because of that I am more confident and changed my thoughts around money, it feels easier to go out there and in the process I have found a number of new clients, made fruitful connections.

I now look after myself and relationships better and that is when things start to fall into place – and the more you work on these things, the more likely you will overcome any challenge in your life.

See the full story here when I chat with one of the creators of “Shakti Manifestors”, Rhian Kivits.

In this interview we covered:

How Rhian and Gull came up with the idea of Shakti Manifestors?

What the key ingredients in the programme are.

Why are these so important?

What sort of results have other people seen?

Who is this programme for?

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