Joy – Recipes for Abundance

In this fruitful collection of stories, 25 inspiring, entrepreneurial women share their recipes for joy and abundance through tales of overcoming, determination and gratitude. From nutrition, travel and community to spiritual practise, compassion and self-realisation, they each reveal their unique recipes towards creating a joyful and abundant life, available to each of us.

Joy – Recipes for Abundance, published by Reach for Greatness Ltd. is the second in a series of four books and offers inspiring, lived ideas for all women to awaken to joy.

Through these joyful narratives, you will discover how to:

  • Nourish joy through the grips of adversity
  • Stir up opportunities for joy in the small, ‘everydayness’ of life
  • Create a strong and lasting foundation to keep bringing more of it into your life
  • Share the sweet taste of joy with the world and those around you
  • Become inspired to create your own recipes for joyful abundance.

Co-authored by

Adriana Kosovska

Aishleen Cunningham

Anastacia Keogh

Angela Mercer

Asya Barskaya-Lebed

Aurelie  Lemiere

Caroline Emile

Cathy McKinnon

Debora Luzi

Emma Gosling

Erica Gibbon

Hicunni Chandler

Jeanne Anette Heinzer-Hiemer

Jelena Radonjic

Jo Haley

Jodie & Paris Welton

Julie Sylvia Kalungi

Laura Butler

Lisa Houston

Marisabelle Bonnici

Martine Werkhoven

Melissa Desveaux

Runa Begum

Susan Campbell-Fournel