Posted on: 14th September 2017

You see people on social media that have thousands of followers….and every single post has lots of engagement, comments, likes and shares.

So why is that important to your business?

You want more social likes, followers and shares – that is to increase your presence and to generate more leads in your business.

So how do you do this?

I’ve asked myself the following questions: and I would like to hear from you on these…


What makes you good?
What do you like about people ?
How do you become a raving fan?
How do people make you feel that you are a fan of?
What is making them different to make you listen to them?
What resonates with you?
How do they talk and about what?
How do they make you feel?
What desires do they wake in you?


1. Start with one platform and focus on that first
  • Ask yourself – on which platform do my potential customers hang out?
  • How old are they? What is their lifestyle, hobbies, interst?
  • Are they in the corporate world, then maybe LinkedIn is a good start?
  • Are they mums with 2 kids – then perhaps you can find them on Facebook.
2. Build up a following on that platform
  • Post valuable and engaging content. Again that is easier said than done. In order to do so you will need to know who your customers are and their pain points – what are their challenges, what do they need help with?
  • Ask questions, answer questions – be genuine and offer your help.
  • Also remember the 80/20 rule – 80 % value and 20 % promotions.

I see so many times where small business owners just post promotions of their products or services 5 times a day. They create a Facebook group and just add anyone on their friends list without asking whether they would like to participate or whether they are interested in their products at all.

So think about it – are those customers really engaged if it’s not their free will to join that group?

Also just posting promotions of products doesn’t really tell the customer who you are, what your values are and why you are in business.

They need to see who is behind the business, what is in it for me. How can this person have a positive impact on my life?

Your customers need to have the feeling that they are understood, that you are the expert and that you know exactly how to help them.

They need to be able to receive lots of free value from you – this is where you already shine with your expertise. Don’t think that you need to give away everything for free and that you will attract just the freebe seekers – if you give great content away, if you show your personality and a genuine desire to help people – you will attract your dream clients.

They will be raving and thinking- well if she gives away such great content for free, how will it be to be actually working with her in a paid program?

3. Think variety

Don’t always go on about the same old thing. The same old or be negative, rant or slag somebody off. You want to show yourself off as a personable, positive person – that who people are attracted to.

Keep it fun and light hearted

  • Post a poll
  • A survey
  • Ask a question
  • Post a funny picture
  • Post an interesting fact about yourself and ask your audience to share something about them
  • Mix up the content
  • Also mix up the media – don’t forget images and video
  • I find video better than pictutres because your audience really gets to know you

How often have you been following people on video and when you met them in person you thought you already knew him?

4. Interact! Interact! Interact!

Something we might have not much time to do – but do make time for that – because this is KEY.

Ask questions, comment, answer questions, offer help, like and share!!!!!

Interact and build relationships – it’s like building relationships off line – the same rules need to be followed online. So be polite, understanding, listen and respond accordingly.

Reply when anyone engages with your or your brand!!!! Thank them!!!

Even if you receive criticism, respond to it politely! Or messages them to invite them to have a conversation or a personal message.

Build relationships in your industry.

Find influencers and talk to them, engage with journalists who write about your area of expertise.


5. Optimise your Social Profiles

Each platform gives you the chance to create a biography or overview of you and/or your business – so use it.

Choose a username that is easily identifiable with your business and a relevant image.

You should also include a clear, concise description of your business and don’t forget a clickable link to your business page or website.

Have a call to action where people can sign up, get to know, you book a call.



If you like this, then head over to my free Facebook group where you can download your free social media checklist.

In my group I also have little guides around lead generation, goal setting, mind set exercises.


2. And leave me a comment! – What makes you want to follow someone? How do they make you feel?


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